New Voting Districts

New Voting Districts

The city and state have completed their realignment of voting districts based on the 2020 census.  The good news is that due to the growth in the city’s population, we have gained a 5th representative district which we will share with Williston.  Due to the growth, the voting districts boundaries have changed but although everyone’s district number changed, the majority of our voters will continue to vote at the same polling location.  The new 5th district will be voting at City Hall.  Please visit Welcome to South Burlington, Vermont ( to view the street listing of districts as well as maps of the 5 district boundaries.

On the senate realignment we have moved from the Chittenden 6 to the Chittenden-Southeast 3.  South Burlington will vote along with Bolton, Charlotte, Hinesburg, Jericho, Richmond, Shelburne, St. George, Underhill, Williston and a portion of Burlington for those 3 senators.

These changes will take effect immediately and will be in effect starting with the August State Primary which will be held on August 9th.

Thanks to our 4 representatives and 2 senators for assisting the Board of Civil Authority in this process.

Donna Kinville
City Clerk