A Different Place Altogether – Artist and Illustrator Ross Sheehan

A Different Place Altogether – show by Ross Sheehan

Visit the Library this month and enjoy the work of local artist, Ross Sheehan. Ross is an artist, illustrator, and educator investigating themes of psychogeography and exploring layers of memory and dreams in relation to physical and subconscious spaces and places.

In his exhibition statement, Ross states:

I investigate physical environments, memories, and dreams of and about real places and fabricated spaces by gathering topographical evidence through methods of documentation. I employ processes of walking, drawing, object collecting, writing, video, photography, printmaking and other mixed media practices in my psycho geographical explorations. I aim to find meaning in the thresholds of everyday life experiences, uncanny realms, uninvited encounters, and the places that are neither here nor there.

My work hovers between two worlds as I attempt to capture evidence of real situations, and to uncover layers of a contrived past. I collect the information at hand while drifting through daily routines, recalling departed narratives, and giving authorship to overlooked marginal spaces and forgotten places. It is important to me to emphasize the act of “getting lost” in quasi-urban environments in order to dissect the true meanings of in-between places, heterotopia spaces, and transitional microcosms that exist all around the expanding borders of our cities and towns in relation to the edge lands of the subconscious mind.

Ross submitted a video in 2020 to the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival. Called ‘A Different Place, Altogether,” it relates directly to the work currently displayed at the Library. https://vimeo.com/694476086