Pardon our Appearance!

Pardon our Appearance

City Hall and the Library are open for business! 

After moving into 180 Market Street in July 2021, we are learning about our great new community facility.  After some strong wind events over the last year, the solar panels on our roof experienced strain which led to weakening of the attachment system.  SunCommon quickly reengineered the system and is now working to install a permanent solution.  This requires them to remove some panels and attach improved bracing.  In order to ensure the public’s safety, scaffolding is installed along the sidewalk of Market Street.  However, all entrances are open and neighbors are invited to visit us at City Hall.  We also have parking and entrances at the rear of the building if that is preferable to visitors.

It is anticipated that this work will be complete by the middle of July 2022.  There is no additional cost to the City for this effort as the system was still under warrantee.  We thank SunCommon for their partnership in addressing these issues quickly.

Solar Panel Work at 180 Market (4)