November 8th Election Day!

November 8th Is Election Day in South Burlington. We will be running 2 elections and therefore 2 separate ballots.

Ballot #1: The State and City Ballot.  This ballot contains the 2 state constitutional amendments, offices for U.S. Senate and U.S. Representative, Governor, Lt Governor, State Treasurer…. S. Burlington Representatives and State Senators as well as the City Special Election asking whether South Burlington should enter a communications union district.  This ballot is automatically being sent to you by the Secretary of State’s office and should arrive around October 3. 

Ballot #2: Chittenden Solid Waste District special election.  This is a special election, and this ballot will not be mailed to you unless you request it.  To request this ballot, please go to your my voter page at , send an email to stating your name, address and the address you wish the ballot mailed to, or call the office at 802-846-4105.

Early voting will end at noon on November 7th.
CSWD ballot
CSWD ballot