City Council to Consider Expanding TDR Program in Zoning

City Council to consider expanding TDR program in Zoning

The City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, October 17 at 7 pm to consider changes to the Land Development Regulations. This amendment updates the existing Transferable Development Rights (TDR) program. TDRs are a tool that allows development density to be re-allocated from one area (in this case, parts of the Southeast Quadrant identified as priority natural resource & agricultural land) to areas where development is planner / allowable. This amendment expands the areas where TDRs can be received to areas outside the SEQ districts to the City’s medium and higher-density residential and mixed use zoning districts along transit-served areas, establishes how TDRs can be used and maximum use of TDRs in all areas where they can be received, and outlines the process for severing TDRs from a property and receiving them on a property. The result will be an expanded market for use of TDRs and the potential for higher residential density along the Shelburne Road corridor and parts of the Williston Road corridor.

To review the amendments and the public hearing notice visit the City’s website.

Proposed Expansion Transfer of Development Rights