SB Management Plan Task Force

Members of City Staff, the Chittenden County Forester and Representatives from both the Natural Resources Committee and the Recreation and Parks Committee met today to kick off the newly formed Management Plan Task Force.  In its initial meeting, the group agreed to focus first on prioritizing the update of the Red Rocks Management Plan.  Members will take the next two weeks to review relevant documents that support the current plan in an effort to flag areas of concern, gaps and/or identify needed edits.  The group will aim to take a holistic approach to its work; identifying a tiered system of ideological desires and budget wise outcomes.  Notes will be housed on the Recreation and Parks Department website for reference, as will the supporting documents the group is using for its work as well as an updated process plan and time line.  We have set up a survey monkey for Red Rocks patrons to complete that will help inform and guide our converstaions.  We welcome and value your input!  For more information, please contact Ashley Parker; City Project Manager or 846-4146.

Task Force Members (as of January 2020)
Jon Pence, Representative from the Recreation & Parks Committee
Lisa Yankowski, Representative from the Natural Resources Committee
Ashley Parker, City Project Manager
Holly Rees, Director of Recreation and Parks
Adam Cate, Deputy Director of Public Works
Craig Lambert, City Arborist
Andrew Noonan, Park Foreman
Ethan Tapper, Chittenden County Forester
Eric Sorensen, State Ecologist, Department of Fish & Wildlife

The Task Force is a new initiative by the City to create a process for management plans that includes public and staff input.  Its current focus will be those parks/natural areas that already have management plans, and making sure that those plans are up-to-date and are still relevant.  To see the process that the Task Force is hoping to follow as it works its way through the review and creation of management plans, click here to see the draft process outline

Current Project:
Red Rocks Park Management Plan Updates
Red Rocks Management Plan - 2014 | Click to view
Red Rocks Management Study - May 1, 2013 | Click to view

Community Engagement Opportunities:

Park Management Survey (running through April 2020)
Red Rocks Management Survey

Community Hike Opportunities at Red Rocks - COMING SOON