The Airport Parkway Sidewalk & On-Road Bike Lanes Project

Airport Parkway Sidewalk & On-Road Bike Lanes - Phase 1
Project Location - 
AirportPkwy_LocationThe Airport Parkway Sidewalk & On-Road Bike Lanes project (Phase 1) is located along Airport Parkway, between the end of the existing sidewalk north of Kirby Road and Berard Drive.  

Project Overview/Purpose - 
APPkwy_5The project is looking to design and construct an approximately 3,100 linear foot sidewalk on the west side of Airport Parkway to provide safe connection and access for pedestrians.  There will also be some width of green strip separating the sidewalk from the road, and bike lanes painted on Airport Parkway.

Project Status - 
The project entered the design phase in 2019.  Since then, the team has completed the Right-of-Way process and secured final design plans.  At this time, the project is estimated to cost more to construct than originally thought, and the team has put it on hold pending supplemental funding.  It is possible the on-road bike lanes will still be striped by DPW during striping season.

Project Funding - AirportPkwy_projectlayout
This is currently a fully funded Penny for Paths project.  It is expected to cost approximately $560K to construct and will require supplemental funding to build.

Project Questions - 
All project questions can be sent to Erica Quallen, Deputy Director of Capital Projects at