Williston Road Streetscape

Williston Road Streetscape 

Project Purpose:

Improve pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access on one of the busiest corridors in South Burlington and Chittenden County through the construction of a streetscape on the south side of Williston Road between Dorset Street and Midas Drive.

Streetscape improvements include a shared use path, a landscaped snow storage buffer, and pedestrian oriented lighting.  These improvements will connect to planned infrastructure east of Midas Drive and west of Dorset Street.

Project Location:

The streetscape is on the south side of Williston Road between Dorset Street and Midas Drive.  The project area is a gateway to South Burlington's City Center and connects to similar planned improvements for Williston Road between Al's French Fries and Hinesburg Road (being engineered now) and the pedestrian bicycle bridge over I-89 (scoped).  
South Burlington Williston Road Cycle Track and Pedestrian Map

Project Status:

A draft plan has been reviewed by various agencies and was presented to the public and project stakeholders (fall 2019).  
The City revised the plans based on feedback.
This plan features a shared-use path, a landscape buffer, and path-oriented lighting .

Secured Funding:

This project has secured a VTrans Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Improvement grant for $800,000.  Additional matching funding will also be required.  This project is Tax Increment Financing eligible.

Completed to Date:

Project Plan.  A layout of the design has been completed.   This has been presented to the public and stakeholders.  A revision is in process.

Project Initiation. 
The engineer selected for this project is Fuss & O'Neill.  Phase I of their work included an existing conditions survey and developing a concept. 

Funding Awarded.  The project was awarded a federally funded grant for $800,000 by VTrans in October of 2017.  This is one of the largest grants the City has received for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.  50% of project costs are also eligible for Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Scoping Completed.  The project was scoped in partnership with CCPRC within the context of a larger project, the Williston Road Network Study I and II.  Public meetings were held as well as number property owner meetings.

  This is also listed within the Transportation Projects in the City’s Comprehensive Plan (adopted 2016), within the approved TIF District Plan (adopted 2012), and in the adopted Capital Improvement Program FY2018-2027, and recommendation made regarding improvements to facilities in numerous studies and regional plans.

Project Consultant Team:

In 2018, the City contracted with Fuss & O'Neill, an engineering firm, to lead the project.  The project team includes EIV Technical Services; Vermont Survey and Engineering, Inc.; and Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc.  This consultant team will carry the project through engineering/project design,  permitting and construction.


Contact Ilona Blanchard with any questions or comments at: 802-846-4107.