Citywide Appraisal


Change of Appraisal Notices to Taxpayers were mailed June 4, 2021. Tyler Technologies will be conducting the grievance hearings as part of the Citywide Reappraisal.
Change of Appraisal Notices to Commercial Property Taxpayers were mailed June 16, 2021. Tyler Technologies will be conducting the grievance hearings as part of the Citywide Reappraisal.

To view the new and old assessed values on residential properties in South Burlington click here.  To view the commercial properties new and old assessed value in South Burlington click here.

Result of property values after the first round of grievances. 

Values after 2021 BCA Appeals.

Living through a re-assessment can be a stressful experience.  Here at the City, we have your best interests in mind and will be offering several online public forums where questions and concerns may be addressed.  Hopefully we can help reduce your stress by providing answers to your questions and addressing any misconceptions about the process of valuation and the resulting impact to property taxes.
Check out this video of frequently asked questions on our YouTube channel:

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You've received your change of appraisal- now what?

The following are examples of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we typically answer for property owners after the completion of a reappraisal.

1)  My assessment changed substantially.  Does that mean my taxes will increase/decrease by the same amount?
No.  Even if your assessment doubled, that does not mean your taxes would double.  Remember, the total Grand List has changed as well.  The City may NOT collect more than the voter approved budget.  The budget was passed at town meeting and the amount of taxes to be raised is set.  The tax rate will adjust as a result of the reappraisal.  The education tax rate is set by the State in the beginning of July.  Your individual taxes may be adjusted depending on your income level if you are eligible for a Homestead deduction through the State of Vermont.

2)  I have not done any improvements to my house; how can the value go up or down?
That is because the market has changed since the last reappraisal, which was completed in 2006.  The assessment base was established and has not been changed since that time.  The purpose of the reappraisal is to bring the values established several years ago to current market values and to establish equity across parcels.

3)  How was my value determined?
The property characteristics of each property are entered into a computerized assessment system.  Property sales in South Burlington over the past three years were examined to develop a model used to predict the market value of the properties that have sold.  After fine-tuning the model, it is applied to all properties in the City to establish an updated value, which is used to generate an updated Grand List.

4)  Why did my property value increase or decrease more than other people I know?
The purpose of a reappraisal is not only to update the values to current market values, but also to equalize the values across the City.  Some properties may have physically changed since the last reappraisal (bought or sold land, added or removed finished area).  Other properties may be located in areas where the market value has changed at a different rate relative to most properties (lake properties, commercial properties).  Still others may have been incorrectly assessed during the last reappraisal (wrong square footage, wrong land size, incorrect bath count, incorrect quality grades and incorrect land values).  Therefore, comparing percent changes in value across properties is not a measure of equity because of changes in properties and changes in the base due to actual sales.

5) I have my change of appraisal notice, now what do I need to do?

  • Notices are scheduled to be mailed June 4, 2021.
  • If you agree with the value, you do not need to do anything.
  • If you disagree with the value, please call the toll-free number on the change of appraisal notice Monday-Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm. This line will be active beginning June 7, 2021 to schedule hearings 1-877-396-0265.
  • Please be patient when calling, there may be a wait to get through to speak with the hearing schedulers. You must schedule a hearing through the toll-free number provided in the notice.  To help ensure your call is answered and your hearing is scheduled, please do NOT leave a message during off hours.
  • All hearings will be by telephone.
  • Hearings will be held Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm beginning on June 14, 2021. You will be given your hearing date and time when you call in to the schedulers.
  • If you choose not to participate in a telephone hearing, you still need to call the schedulers at the toll-free number and they will assign a date and time for your hearing. They will give you an email address to submit your documentation to.