Meet the team

In the coming weeks Tyler Technology employees will begin inspections of every property within the City.  The inspections will include addressing the property owners to seek approval to inspect the property.  Questions seeking information important to a reappraisal will be asked and the inside of the property will be inspected.  Property improvements will also be measured and sketched.  Pictures of the outside of the property will be taken.  No internal pictures will be taken.  Multiple attempts to inspect properties will be made to accommodate those who are absent during daytime hours.  

Below are the Tyler Technology employees and their vehicle information. They will be the ones conducting the city wide reappraisal.

 Employee Photo  Name Vehicle  Vehicle Color License Plate 
IMG-2382  Blane Bowlin, Manager  BMW 320XI  White IN- VQU811
 Daryl  Daryl Woody Chevrolet Malibu  Gray  OH- GDM 2659
 Josh Apkin  Joshua Apkin  Ford Focus  Blue  MA- 4TGR60
 John Allen  John Allen  Toyota Corolla  Black/Blue  MA- 7PW951
Dave David Boast  Chevy Impala  Black  RI-MC-437
Thomas Damseaux Thomas Damseaux  Subaru Legacy  Black CT- AU 76394