City Energy Initiatives

South Burlington Energy Initiatives 
The City of South Burlington has undertaken a number of projects in the last 10 years to improve energy efficiency. These include:
Solar Energy at City Hall - The solar cells on City Hall have been in operation since the building was opened in the summer of 2021. On an annual basis they generate about 30 % of the building’s requirements but in the summer that number is as high as 60%. This electricity is worth over $20,000 a year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Solar cells on 180 Market St Building

  • Landfill Solar Energy Field - This solar field behind Public Works produces over 2 Mwh per year which, through net metering, creates savings to the City and the School District of  $200,000 per year. The field was built in 2017 by a private developer and the City has an opportunity to buy it in the future.
  • Electric Powered Vehicles and Charging Stations - In 2021 the City purchased the Honda hybrid which we have been leasing for several years. In addition the Police Dept. has taken delivery of 2 hybrid cruisers in 2023 and has plans for several more next year. Public Works is planning on getting several all electric pickup trucks when they are available and charging stations are being planned at Public Works.
Car Charger Unit (5) - Copy - Copy - Copy

  • Weatherization - Small weatherization projects have been performed and are being continued at a variety of facilities including Public Works, Wheeler House, Fire Station #2 and Police Station. Each of the City buildings has had several energy audits in the last several years.

In discussion/Future

Bartlett Bay Upgrade -The Bartlett Bay WWTP upgrade, planned for 2026 construction will be significantly more energy efficient than the current facility and may reduce the use to fossil fuels to extremely cold weather and emergency conditions.                                                 
     Barlett Bay Upgrade

  • Water Turbine - A potential exists to install a water powered turbine to generate about 20Kw of electrical power when the outlet pipe from the Airport Park WWTP is replaced.
  • LED Lighting - The City has been converting it’s lights to LED for over ten years. This effort was accelerated in 2019 and it is now believed that the project is complete. Every once and awhile we locate a light that was missed and it is scheduled for change.