Energy/Sustainability Books

Here is a  list of books put together by the Energy Committee:

Braiding Sweetgrass/ Robin Wall Kimmerer, 2015
Ministry of the Future / Kim Stanley Robinson 2020 (Novel)
Bewilderment/Richard Powers, 2021 (Novel)
Ishmael/ Daniel Quinn, 1992 (Novel)
All We Can Save/Ayana Johnson and Katharine Wilkinson, 2020
The Climate Action Book / Heidi Roop, 2023
Saving Us/ Katharine Hayhoe, 2021
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster / Bill Gates,  2021
How to Prepare for Climate Change / David Pogue,  2021
The Homeowner's Energy Handbook /Paul Scheckel, 2013
Musings of An Energy Nerd / Martin Holladay, 2017
A Short, Hopeful Guide to Climate Change / Oisin McGann, 2022
Climate Justice / Mary Robinson, 2018
Low Carbon Diet / David Gershon, 2007
Zero Waste Home / Bea Johnson, 2013
Under a White Sky / Elizabeth Kolbert. 2021
The Future We Choose / Christiana Figueres, 2020
Climate Emergency Atlas / Dan Hooke, 2020
Drawdown/ Paul Hawken,  2017
The New Climate War/ Michael E. Mann, 2021
Our Fragile Moment/ Michael E. Mann, 2023
Self-sufficiency for the 21st Century / Dick & James Strawbridge, 2017
150 Best Sustainable Home Ideas / Francesc Zamora Mola, 2013.
The Age of Sustainable Development / Jeffrey D. Sachs, 2015
Diet for a Hot Planet / Anna Lapp, 2010
The Vertical Farm / Dickson Despommier, 2010
Zinn & The Art of Road Bike Maintenance / Lennard Zinn, 2013      
No One is Too Small to Make a Difference / Greta Thunberg,   2019
Life Without Plastic: The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Plastic /Chantal Plamondon, 2017
The Story of More : How We Got to Climate Change and Where To Go From Here /  Hope Jahren, 2020
Eaarth : Making a Life on a Tough New planet / Bill McKibben, 2010
Slime : How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us / Ruth Kassinger. .. 2019
Growing Good Food : A Citizen's Guide to Backyard Carbon Farming / Acadia Tucker, 2019
We are The Weather : Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast / Jonathan Safran Foer, 2019