Check List

Reduce your green house gas emissions

 Low-Impact Changes (2,678 lbs total)
✅ Replace 5 incandescent bulbs with LEDs.  Save 428 lbs CO2 and $42 each year
✅ Turn your water heater down to 120°F.   Save 550 lbs CO2/yr
✅ Install a low-flow showerhead.   Save 800 lbs CO2 and $97 each year
✅ Bike or take the bus to work 1 day/week.  Save 900 lbs CO2 and $165 each year

Medium-Impact Changes (7,900 lbs total)
✅ Telecommute to work 2 days each month.  Save 1,000 lbs CO2 and $393 each year
✅ Wash your clothes in cold water and line-dry them.   Save 1,300 lbs CO2 each year
✅ Set your winter thermostat 1° lower daytime, 8° lower nighttime.  Save 1,600 lbs CO2 each year
✅ Fly less often, and choose nonstop/economy when you do.  Save at least 1,600 pounds CO2
✅ Eat meatless meals 3 days each week  Save 2,400 lbs CO2 each year

Major-Impact Changes (25,842 lbs total)
✅ Do an energy audit and weatherize your home.  Save 5,842 lbs CO2 each year
✅ Replace a 30-mpg gasoline car with a hybrid.   Save 3,400 lbs CO2 and $559 each year
✅ Replace a 30-mpg gasoline car with an electric vehicle.  Save 8,800 lbs CO2 and $744 each year
✅ Install solar panels, or buy into community solar.  Save 7,800 lbs CO2 and $1750 each year 

*Calculations made using  for a 4-person household, $100,000 income ...
           2 gas cars: 30 mpg, driven 12,000 mi/yr
           flights/yr: 4 medium (business), 8 long (family vacation)
           7500 kWh electricity/yr, none from clean energy
           1,000 gal fuel oil/yr
           2000 sf living area in house
           average servings/person on all food items
           average spending on goods and services
           electricity priced at $.15/kWh
           gasoline priced at $3/gallon