Hinesburg Road Crosswalks Project

Hinesburg Road Crosswalks

Project Location - 
This project is located along Hinesburg Road, between Kennedy Drive and Williston Road, and will focus on three intersections: Ruth Street, Prouty Parkway, and the Awasiwi Trail Crossing.

Project Overview/Purpose - 
The project is focused on providing safe crossings for pedestrians and bicyclists along this stretch of Hinesburg Road.  These are all new crossings.  In addition to these new crossings, DPW implemented VTrans recommended improvements to the existing St. John Vianney crossing, including: upgrading and upsizing the existing signage, adding reflective strips to the sign posts, and clearing of vegetation to improve visibility.  This was all done in 2021.  VTrans recommended these steps before implementing any other crosswalk improvements (i.e.: RRFBs).

Project Status - 
These crosswalks were originally part of a 2019 scoping study that analyzed this stretch of Hinesburg Road to determine where crosswalks could and should be placed.  The scoping study initially identified four new crosswalks, and also documented potential improvements to the St. John Vianney crosswalk (see project overview/purpose). 

ProutyConstructionBefore implementing crossings along Hinesburg Road, the project team connected with VTrans to review recommended improvements as Hinesburg Road is a state roadway and ultimately requires VTrans review and an 1111 permit from them.  After receiving comments from VTrans, the project team worked with a design consultant to take the scoping study and finalize a design for permit submission and construction.  The City received an 1111 permit to implement three of the scoped crosswalks (Ruth Street, Prouty Parkway, and the Awasiwi Trail Crossing) in August 2021.  DPW began installing these crosswalks in October 2021.  The project was completed in November 2021.

Project Funding - 
This is a Penny for Paths funded project.  It is expected to cost approximately $60K to construct.

Project Questions - 
All project questions can be sent to Ashley Parker, City Project Manager, at: aparker@southburlingtonvt.gov.