Penny for Paths Initiative

Connecting the City's Bicycle & Pedestrian Gaps
About the Penny for Paths Initiative -                         SBUR-005-Penny_for_PathsFULL_COLOR
In August of 2018, residents voted to designate one penny (one cent) on the tax rate for bike and pedestrian infrastructure throughout the City.  We will be able to leverage the pennies to spend approximately $3 million on improved infrastructure.

Penny for Paths Project List - 
The City's Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee held a series of four meetings and surveyed residents to identify bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure needs throughout the City in 2016.  The survey, which targeted each of South Burlington's four residential and commercial quadrants, identified 70 projects which the Committee then ranked.  Ranking categories included: Recreation Path Gaps, Crosswalk Gaps, Walking Trail Gaps, and Sidewalk Gaps.  After ranking these projects, the Committee was left with 20 top rated projects, many of which ended up on the Committee's Penny for Paths priority project list.

This priority list makes up a majority of the projects that have currently been marked for funding by the Penny for Paths initiative. They also can be found within the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) under a three year old Bike/Ped Improvement CIP, though many of these projects have been previously identified in the City's CIP for a decade.  The projects identified within the CIP are all projects that are on City staff's radar for completion, though there are currently more projects identified than funds available for design and construction.

The City's Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee regularly receives comments and feedback from the public on projects that could be considered for inclusion on their Penny for Paths priority project list.

Active Penny for Paths Projects -
Active Penny for Paths Projects include those projects that are currently undergoing design and/or engineering. Each project description will be updated as the projects move through design and into construction.  If you have any questions about these or  other Penny for Paths related projects, please contact Ashley Parker, City Project Manager, at:

Questions/Comments - 
Projects funded by Penny for Paths are managed by a member of City staff.  If you have questions related to any of the Penny for Paths projects, please contact Ashley Parker, City Project Manager at: