The "Jug Handle" Sidewalk Project

"Jug Handle" Sidewalk
Project Location -
This project is located within the Jug Hande between Spear Street and East Terrace, just east of the residential halls on the UVM Campus and just south of Route 2/Main Street.

Project Overview/Purpose -JH_8
Existing infrastructure is unsafe for users, as it places pedestrians on a busystreet.  The project will involve the design and construction of a 5' wide concrete sidewalk connecting pedestrians more safely across the Jug Handle.

It will include the installation of bollard lighting, narrowing of the ramp to East Terrace for traffic calming, alignment of crosswalks, movement of an existing catch basin, and the replacement of 5 trees.

Project Status - 
The Jug Handle Sidewalk project was part of a 2017 scoping study that looked at bicycle and pedestrian gaps along Spear Street beginning at the UVM Athletic facility and running north towards Route 2/Main Street.  This analysis included the Jug Handle connection between Spear Street and East Terrace.  The study looked at possible alternatives for these facilities and incorporated public feedback from various workshops, presentations, and meetings.  At the end of the study, the City received a report with the recommended alternatives, the preferred alternative, estimated construction costs, potential resource impacts, and permit requirements.JH_2_11-12-2020

At the beginning of 2019, the City initiated a design for the Jug Handle sidewalk portion of the original scoping study which lies on UVM land.  Throughout the design process, the design itself was reviewed by City staff, UVM representatives, and the City’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee.  In September of 2019, the City reached an agreement with UVM to construct a sidewalk on their property, and the City Council authorized the City Manager to execute a license agreement with UVM.

Construction of the sidewalk and the installation of the bollard lighting was completed by the Department of Public Works in 2020.  The sidewalk is already getting used by students and the general public.  Check it out!


Project Funding -
This project cost about $30,000 to construct, and will be paid for by the Penny for Paths fund.

Project Questions - 
If you have any questions related to this project, please contact City Project Manager, Ashley Parker, at: