Explore Art

Explore Art in the City
The opportunity to encounter an art installation as you travel throughout the City is growing. It is becoming commonplace to stumble upon a painted mural, large or small, or a sculpture or artistic material integrated into a building or landscape. Residents are encouraged to explore these works and pause on your daily path to appreciate how your space may have been enlivened with art.  

Map of Art Installations - Click HERE to view the map (see also the utility box map!).

This map is a living document meant to highlight places to encounter art that is available to the general public to experience. From volunteer driven murals and commissioned installations to pop-up works and random acts of creativity, the City is home to a growing number of artistic creations.

Do you have a feature to suggest? Send to the Public Art Committee via the Committee Staff.

Art in Numbers*

*Based on map features as of April 2022; may not be representative of all art in the City.

    9     Medium- to Large-Scale Murals
  72     Painted Utility Boxes
100+   Volunteer Mural Artists 
    3     Installations on City property
    3     Installations by private entities