Explore Art

Explore Art in the City
The opportunity to encounter an art installation as you travel throughout the City is growing. It is becoming commonplace to stumble upon a painted mural, large or small, or a sculpture or artistic material integrated into a building or landscape. Residents are encouraged to explore these works and pause on your daily path to appreciate how your space may have been enlivened with art.  

Map of Installations - Click HERE to view the map
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This map is a living document meant to highlight places to encounter art that is available to the general public to experience. From volunteer driven murals and commissioned installations to pop-up works and random acts of creativity, the City is home to a growing number of artistic creations.

Do you have a feature to suggest? Send to the Public Art Committee via the Committee Staff.

Art in Numbers*

*Based on map features as of April 2022; may not be representative of all art in the City.

    9     Medium- to Large-Scale Murals
  72     Painted Utility Boxes
100+   Volunteer Mural Artists 
    3     Installations on City property
    3     Installations by private entities