Public Art

Art for the City

The City recognizes the transformative power of art—and public art specifically—to establish identity, foster a sense of belonging, and enhance the quality of life for its residents and visitors. It’s an investment in placemaking that also engenders community pride. Public art adds enormous value to the cultural, aesthetic, and economic vitality of a community.

See public art in South Burlington!

South Burlington Public Art Gallery at 180 Market Street presents several exhibits throughout the year.

The Season’s Out of Time clock in the Library is one of the public art pieces commissioned by the City.

Murals enliven everyday infrastructure (utility boxes, buildings, bridge underpasses) and bring a smile as people move around the City.

Businesses and developers in our community also contribute to this art infusion with installations that can be enjoyed by everyone, from the "whale tails" (Reverence) in Technology Park off Kimball Avenue to the Honey Bees wall sculpture on Allard Square at 146 Market Street.

South Burlington is committed to fund and incorporate public art as a part of its mission to build a vibrant community. To bolster community efforts, the City Council established the Public Art Committee (as the Public Art Selection Committee) in 2015. ​​As of 2022, this Committee has recommended and guided the installation of two art pieces on City property, and it manages the South Burlington Public Art Gallery

In Commissioning

Mohrman Lo collaboration sculpture to be located in Jaycee Park.
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The sculpture is a 7-foot high sculpture made of steel and transparent acrylic with footers embedded in the earth surrounded by a crushed stone, woodchip or concrete surface that will respond to the light and colorful shadows that the piece casts throughout the day. 
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Artists’ Statement

We regard the viewer's experience as a fundamental piece in the development of the work.  We invite the viewer to interact with the work as they would interact with the Vermont landscape - with curiosity and joy.

We are inspired by the interaction and interdependence of phenomena in nature and how they coalesce. For instance, the connection between the sun and the growth of a forest, or the interaction between rain and rivers flowing through the mountains. The converging pieces of acrylic, overlapping to create new colors entirely, metaphorically relate to how these phenomena interact. To expand upon these phenomena, they are also viewed through the lens of light, the light of the sun.

Depending on where the viewer stands, where the sunlight hits the sculpture, and what season it, the work will perform differently. In using the elements around us, we are able to collectively reimagine the landscape and alter how we interact with it.


The Public Art Committee worked with the artists, Recreation and Parks, and the Public Works Department to select a sunny location that allows people to freely approach and interact with the work.

The location in Jaycee Park is currently available for programming and is accessible from the parking lot and viewable by the public from Patchen Road.
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About the Artists

Clay is a practicing lighting artist. In 2017, he founded Clay Mohr Lighting, as a way to develop unique lighting sculptures using LED lighting and found wood for indoor and outdoor spaces. His work walks the line between contemporary art and design. In the past, he’s used pieces of our natural world to create artwork that helps us start a dialogue with ourselves regarding our well-being and our connection with nature. His projects range from creating large public art works to installations and private commission pieces.

Phoebe is a muralist, illustrator, and painter, known for her vibrant color palettes and fluid, simplistic forms. Elevating brands and spaces through thoughtful, original artwork, her portfolio includes work that has been featured in multiple gallery shows, countless brands, and within residential and commercial projects, large and small. Her projects range from community murals and collaborations to individual commissions and graphic design.