CVCP Focus Area

Through 2021, the CVCP worked to establish a focus area within the partnership land area to help prioritize conservation and stewardship projects.  The goal of the focus area is to be able to share a specific land area with other potential conservation partners so that projects are easier to identify, funding can be focused, and a regional strategy be better defined.  In addition to this work, the partnership drafted the first outreach piece to share with partners.  This is the first attempt by the group to have something that can easily be shared with other partners, community members, and others interested in conservation.  It lets readers know who the group is, why it formed, and what it wants to do.  The idea is to use these materials to gather momentum for conservation work in the region.

All interested can download the following documents to share with neighbors and others.  If you have specific questions about these documents, or the CVCP, please reach out to Alex Weinhagen, Town of Hinesburg, at:, or 802-482-4209.

CVCP Informational Handout

CVCP Focus Area Map