Williston Road Crosswalks Project

Williston Road Crosswalks
Project Location
Pine Tree Terrace/Davis Parkway and between Victory Drive and Mills Avenue.
Williston Road Crosswalks

Project Overview/Purpose
The Williston Road Crosswalks Project includes the construction ofWilliston Road Crosswalks Plans2 new crosswalks across 
Williston Road with Rectangular Rapid FlashingBeacons (RRFBs) and pedestrian refuge islands. People can now crossa 3-lane section of Williston Road 1 lane at a time with the added protection and visibility of new signs and flashing lights activated by a pedestrian pushing the buttons. The curbs were also made tighter on Pine Tree Terrace and Davis Parkwayto make the crosswalks shorter and to encourage drivers to slow down as they enter
the neighborhood streets.

Project Status
This project was completed in Fall 2023.
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Project Funding
This project was funded jointly through a grant from the Vermont Agency of Transportation and Penny for Paths funding.

Project Questions

All project questions can be sent to Erica Quallen, Deputy Director of Capital Projects at equallen@southburlingtonvt.gov