SoBu Spaces 2020: Engage!

Library + Senior Center + City Hall

The SoBu Spaces 2020 Vision:

The SoBu Spaces 2020 project is a civic center housing the Library, Senior Center and City Hall.  The building will be designed to conveniently serve individuals of all ages, interests and abilities and anchor Market Street.  This dynamic and engaging space will invite the public in for learning, growth and celebration.  It will cultivate knowledge, transparency and belonging to a community and place.

Where is the Library + Senior Center + City Hall proposed to be?

The City has an option on just over a half acre on Market Street, east of Allard Square and south of the Rick Marcotte Central School, and an understanding with the School District to obtain an easment for just under an acre of the Central School site.
Site in context:
location map with context on Market Street

Site, also showing new road to east of site.

What is the SoBu Spaces 2020 Schedule?

This project follows the TIF District project development process.  
Phase One:  Engage
During this Phase, the concept has been developed in consultation with the public for acceptance by City Council (Summer 2018).
Phase Two: Create 
A full set of construction-ready documents will be developed, permits obtained, and the public will be asked to approve financing for the project via a vote (November 2018).
Phase Three: Build
The Council will asked to consider authorizing a construction contract (March 2019), pending authorization, the building will be built, move in will occur and everyone will be invited to opening celebrations (June 2020).

What will happen to City Hall (School District Land Transfer)

The City has requested that the School District consider transferring a small part of their adjacent parcel in order that the City make improvements that facilitate public access to both properties.  The City provided a Letter of Intent to the School Board and is currently in discussion with the School Board.  A MOU has been signed and the City has agreed that the School District may lease the City Hall building and site and potentially own it, for a nominal consideration.

Next Meeting: 

On July 16, the concept plans for the Library + Senior Center + City Hall will be presented to the City Council at thier regular meeting for acceptance in City Hall at 575 Dorset Street. 

Council Update 6/25

On Monday, June 25, 2018 the City Council recieved an update on the status of the concept and how the current iteration differs from what was presented at the final workshop on March 13.

Building Progress City Council meeting 6-25-2018

Council and Library Board of Trustees Update 6/11

On Monday, June 11, 2018 the Library Board of Trustees joined the City Council for a special joint update meeting on the status of the SoBu Spaces 2020 project and plans.  The revised plans presented reflect June 5 agreement between the City and School District to exhange land interests.

Senior Center added to the building program:

Updates have occurred based on the March 13 meeting!  The Multi-Purpose Room has become a SENIOR CENTER, The reading room moved to the 2nd floor, and the entire program is being scrubbed for opportunities to use all areas the most efficiently possible. Learn about the Senior Center as well as progress on Option D in the May 18, 2018 presentation to Seniors (click on the diagram for the proposed Senior Center to view presentation slide show):

Senior Center Pic presentation cover

Engage!  re(IMAGINING) Workshops

Re(IMAGINED) - Recommended Option Workshop (presentation slides)  

On March 13, a concept based on public feedback was recommended to the public.  You can see the slides presented here (see any design updates at the top of this page):
recommended option power point slide presentation cover image

re(IMAGINED) Recommended Design Concept - Watch the video of the workshop:
On March 13, the Option D concept based on public feedback was recommended to the public.   You can view the full presentation and discussion here:

Alternatives Workshop (presentation slides only)

Click on the image below to view the presentation of each option (alternative):Center of Activity (Option A), Urban Oasis (Option B), and Stepped Terraces considered in early March:

Final presentation of three options 3-8-2018_Page_42

Or watch the early March re(IMAGINING) ALTERNATIVES Workshop to see presentation of potential designs and discussion:

Two Kick-off – Visioning Workshops were offered in January      
You may watch the Thursday night recording of the workshop and discussion here:

Missed the Workshops?  Give us your feedback here:

Project Documents:

Purpose and Need Statement 4/24/2018 - The purpose and need statement is the guiding document representing the community interest and needs. Project alternative concepts and design advances are tested against this document. The Library Board of Trustees approved the Purpose and Need statement on 3/8/2018 and the Planning Commission approved the Purpose & Need statement on 4/24/2018.

Project Consultant Team:

Roy_brothers_read_words_that_describe_south_burlingtonThe City has contracted with an experienced design team led by the local firm Wiemann Lamphere Architects, which has most recently completed the VPR building.  They have partnered with Humphries Poli Architects, a Colorado firm, which specializes in civic buildings, and has worked on at least 80 library projects.  Many other firms are also part of the team and will provide structural, environmental, acoustical and landscaping expertise.

More Info or Have Comments?

Need more information or have a thought you would like to share with the project team?  Contact Ilona Blanchard, Project Director at 802-846-4107.