Application Forms & Fees

In South Burlington, commercial development, residential subdivisions, and construction work must be reviewed by the Development Review Board. Some types of work only require an administrative permit, which can be approved by the Zoning Administrator. If you are unsure of the type of permit that your project requires, please contact us at 802-846-4106.

All plans must be provided as individual sheets and named to include sheet number and latest revision date.  Hard copy submittals are no longer required.

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Permitting How-to Guides
Please click on the links below for a guide to our most common residential projects. Includes guide on whether a permit is needed, instructions, links to forms and fees, and contact information for staff assistance. 

What is the cost of my application or permit?
Zoning and Other Common Permits
Here are our most commonly requested permits.

Development Review Application Forms
(Outside City Center Form Based Codes area)

Development Review Application Forms
(City Center Form Based Codes Area)

Additional Forms