Draft Environmental Protection Standards

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the City's proposed Environmental Protection Standards update.

The City is considering a substantial update and overhaul to the Environmental Protection Standards contained with the City's Land Development Regulations. These Regulations restrict land development within specific identified natural resource areas, specify exempt activities, and set standards for limited circumstances where impacts to these resources are allowable.

What is the City's Goal with this project?
The City, through its volunteer Planning Commission, has been working on a series of amendments to its Land Development Regulations. These amendments are intended to advance the vision and goals the City's Comprehensive Plan. The proposed amendment offers additional protection to important wildlife habitat areas, advances climate goals through greater retention of larger forested areas, and acknowledges the effects of climate change in our community by expanding floodplain management regulations to the mapped 500-year floodplain, regulating steep and very steep slopes, and updated stormwater management standards. These amendments, moreover, are proposed in the context of the full Comprehensive Plan, recognizing that the City has multiple goals, including environmental stewardship, economic development, provision of opportunities for new and expanded housing, and safe and efficient transportation.

What's Included in the draft updates?
Can I see a map of where these resources are?
Yes! Use our Interactive Map Viewer to compare the existing and the proposed areas covered by the Regulations. You can type in an address, or browse the City. Use the toolbar in the top right of the screen to turn layers of information OFF or ON. Current Regulations are shown in Orange. Proposed Regulations are shown in shades of Blue.

What's the current Status? 
The City's Planning Commission has prepared a complete draft and is now asking for community feedback.

How Can I Learn More and Provide Input?
The Planning Commission will be holding several informational and input forums, culminating in a Public Hearing:


Where do I provide Feedback?
Email: Provide us with a letter or email to planning@sburl.com. All written feedback with by collected and shared with the full  Planning Commission.
By Mail: Mail a letter to South Burlington Planning & Zoning, 575 Dorset Street, South Burlington Vermont 05403

Can I see these proposed standards in the context of what's already built and conserved in the City?

Yes! We have put together a short set of map slides showing the existing, and proposed Environmental Protection areas, alongside existing conserved land, park land, conservation zoning districts, and built areas. On any slide you can zoom in and look at the part of the City you're most interested in.

How can I look to see how existing and the proposed standards line up with the City's Comprehensive Plan?
We have a set of map slides for this too, showing the existing and proposed areas, together with currently built and conserved lands, over the Plan's Future Land Use Map, Primary Conservation Areas Map, and Secondary Conservation Areas Map.

Where can I find more information?
The Planning Commission has reviewed drafts of these documents over the course of 2+ years. All meetings packets & minutes are posted and maintained on the City's website.