Draft Land Development Regulation Amendments

Land Development Regulation & Official Map Draft Amendments

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Latest News
October 16, 2023: City Council warns public hearing on three amendments (LDR-23-03, LDR-23-04, LDR-23-05) for November 20, 7pm.
The amendments include addressing the interior corner of "L"-shaped roads in the City Center Form Based Code, allo0wances for multiple principal buildings on a lot in the case of a mobile home park, and technical corrections.
June 5, 2023: City Council Adopts Solar Photovoltaic Requirement. The City Council adopted an amendment (LDR-23-01) to the Land Development Regulations requiring the installation of Solar PV in association with new buildings subject to the Vermont Commercial Building Energy Standards. The Council adopted minor & technical amendments throughout the regulations (LDR-23-02). 
May 15, 2023: City Council Adopts Solar Photovoltaic Requirement.
Includes a variety of small changes to the Standards, including  modification of the Class II wetlands buffer boundary in some residential areas, streamline administrative permitting process, and remove permitted, human-made steep slopes from regulation as steep slopes.. 

Below please find the latest draft amendments to the Land Development Regulations and a summary table of recent amendments adopted by the City Council. 

  LDR #  Description   Status For Council Hearing (Approved by PC) 
For Planning Commission Hearing  Planning Commission Report   
LDR-23-05 Minor and Technical Amendments Draft LDR-23-05 approved by Planning Commission Council Public Hearing November 20, 2023, 7 pm   PC Report  
LDR-23-04 City Center FBC: Buildings on Outside of Road Corners and Interstate Façade Standards Draft LDR-23-04 approved by Planning Commission Council Public Hearing November 20, 2023, 7 pm   PC Report  
LDR-23-03 Multiple Principal Structures on a lot – Mobile Home Parks Draft LDR-23-03 Approved by Planning Commission Council Public Hearing November 20, 2023, 7 pm   PC Report  
LDR-23-02 Minor and Technical Amendments Adopted June 5, 2023        
LDR-23-01 Required installation of solar photovoltaic system for new buildings subject to Vermont Commercial Building Energy Standards Adopted June 5, 2023        
LDR-22-09 Updates to Article 12 Environmental Standards, including, but not limited to: Modification of the Class II wetlands buffer boundary in some residential areas; Update standards for development within pre-existing impacted areas; Streamline administrative permitting process; Remove permitted, human-made steep slopes from regulation as steep slopes Adopted May 15, 2023        
 LDR-22-08 Allow Municipal Uses in the Commercial 2 District and allow the following uses within Commercial 1 Auto District: Congregate Care, Assisted Living, Continuum of Care; Educational Facility; Educational Support Facilities; Hospice; Municipal Facility; Skilled Nursing; Social Services Adopted December 5, 2022        
LDR-22-07:  Modify the Zoning Map in a manner generally described as follows: (a) Redesignate land immediately north of Holmes Road from Commercial 1-Auto to Commercial 2; (b) Redesignate land north and south of Fayette Road, immediately west of Shelburne Road, from Commercial 1-Auto to Commercial 1-Residential 15; (c) Redesignate land beginning ~75’ west of Fayette Road and ~280’ west of Fayette Road’s planned extension, north of Old Orchard Park and south of the Chittenden County Humane Society, from Commercial 1-Residential 15 to Commercial 1-Auto Adopted December 5, 2022        
 LDR-22-06 Minor and Technical Amendments to Bicycle Parking, Performance Bonds, Submission Requirements, and Section numbering  Adopted November 22, 2022        
 LDR-22-05 Update the regulation of Transferable Development Rights (TDRs), including, but not limited to, expanding the receiving areas for TDRs, assigning value for TDRs, updating process for sending and receiving TDRs, and clarifying existing applicability in receiving areas Adopted November 22, 2022        
OM-22-01 Add bike/pedestrian connections between planned I-89 bike/pedestrian bridge and Dorset Street, Williston Road, and Quarry Hill Road
Adopted June 6, 2022        
LDR-22-01 Establish a General Planned Unit Development Type for new PUDs and amendments to existing PUDs Adopted May 2, 2022    
LDR-22-02 Establish Site Amenity requirements for new development, expansions, or residential conversions subject to site plan review; add additional allowable Site Amenity types, and allow partial credit to Site Amenity and Civic Space requirements for nearby publicly-accessible civic spaces & parks Adopted May 2, 2022; Correction Adopted July 7, 2022        
LDR-22-03 Augment Site Plan review standards of Relationship of Structures to the Site, and of Relationship of Structures and Site and to Adjoining Area Adopted May 2, 2022        
LDR-22-04 Minor and technical amendments to include: Adjust Master Plan applicability for single-user lots; Definitions updates and corrections
Adopted May 2, 2022        
LDR-20-01 Proposed overhaul of Environmental Protection Standards, including Floodplains, River Corridors, Wetlands, Habitat Blocks, Habitat Connectors, and Steep Slopes Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-21-02 Generally amend or replace existing Subdivision, Master Plan, Planned Unit Development (PUD), Site Plan, Conservation PUD, Traditional Neighborhood Development PUD, Civic Space Types, Street Types, Building Type, and related zoning district, procedural, and site plan standards  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-20-08 Modify required setbacks applicable to arterial and collector roads  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-21-04 Modify Southeast Quadrant sub-district boundaries including and between Natural Resource Protection, Neighborhood Residential, and Village Residential  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-21-05 Change zoning of land to the west of Hinesburg Road, immediately south of I-89, from Industrial-Open Space to Residential 7-Neighborhood Commercial  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-21-06 Modify Commercial 1- Residential 15 and Residential 4 boundaries in vicinity of Lindenwood Dr to more closely follow property lines  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-21-07 Update city-wide stormwater standards, including for consistency with state regulations  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-20-10 Establish maximum building envelopes for allowed development in the SEQ-NRP subdistrict, modify allowed building types  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-20-17 Extend Southeast Quadrant zoning district residential building design standards city-wide, update standards  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-21-01 Require Solar-Ready Roofs for new buildings subject to Commercial Building Energy Standards Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-19-07 Modify landscape requirements to allow for Solar Canopies in Parking Areas Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-20-22 Update to comply with Act 179 pertaining to accessory dwelling units, existing small lots, and conditional use criteria for multi-family housing  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-20-25 Increase maximum allowed area of accessory structures and update for consistency with Act 179 Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-20-28 Expand inclusionary zoning, offset, and bonus provisions city-wide, replacing existing bonus standards where existing  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-21-03 Allow for “limited neighborhood commercial use” within a larger residential building for neighborhoods with Master Plan  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-21-07 Exempt the conversion of a dwelling to a licensed child care facility from housing preservation requirements  Adopted February 2, 2022        
LDR-201-21 Minor and technical amendments to include: Modify retaining wall standards; Eliminate DRB review of Bus Shelters within city ROW; Amend RV Parking standards; Amend Traffic visibility standards for consistency; Update Airport Approach Cones & FAA review; Amend review standards of Earth Products; Amend review standards for Utility Cabinets and Similar; Re-organize standards for drive-throughs; Update & clarify height of Accessory Structures; Update additional Height Standards for consistency; Modify standards for structures requiring setbacks; Modify setbacks for pre-existing lots; Update setbacks and Buffer Strips for Non-Residential Uses Adjacent to Residential Districts for consistency; General re-organization, definitions updates, and corrections
Adopted February 2, 2022   See LDR-20-01 See LDR-20-01  
OM-21-01 & 21-02 Proposed changes to the Official Map to: Replace planned  roadway connecting Swift Street Extension to Hinesburg Road with a planned 20’ wide right-of-way and extending the planned multi-use path to connect to Hinesburg Road at two (2) locations, and Remove planned roadway connecting IDX Drive and Sebring Road to Overlook Drive / Deerfield Drive. Adopted October 4, 2021        
LDR-17-13A Allow for increase in maximum lot coverage on properties with land in the Urban Design Overlay District via installation of an on-site civic space Adopted 12/7/2020        
LDR-17-13B Allow for increase in maximum lot coverage on properties with land in the Urban Design Overlay District via use of Transferable Development Rights from designated Sending Areas Adopted 12/7/2020        
LDR-19-06 Modify Table of Open Space Types (Appendix F) and Applicability in the City Center Form Based Code District Adopted 12/7/2020        
LDR-20-18A Eliminate requirement for submission of paper copies of applications under the Land Development Regulations Adopted 12/7/20        
LDR-19-14 Expand allowances for Cultural Facilities, Indoor Theaters, Artist Production Studios, and Community Centers within C1-R15, C1-R12, and C1-Auto Zoning Districts  Adopted 2019-11-08        
 LDR-19-13B  LDR-19-13B: Modify Affordable Housing Density Bonus standards as follows: (1) reduce applicable area to only those areas not subject to proposed Inclusionary Zoning standards [LDR-19-13A], and; (2) adjust requirements for income eligibility and continued affordability for all remaining parts of the City. Adopted 2020-07-06        
 LDR-19-13A   Modify existing Inclusionary Zoning requirements and extend applicability to include all lands that underline the Transit Overlay District, all lands within the City Center Form Based Code District, and all lands in the vicinity of Hinesburg Road and Old Farm Road that are north of I-89 and are outside the Transit Overlay District. Adopted 2020-07-06        
 LDR-19-12   Modify Upper Story Glazing Standards in FBC T4 and T5 Districts  Adopted 2019-11-08        
 LDR-19-11   Reduce size of reserved width for future buildings in FBC T4 and T5 Districts  Adopted 2019-11-08        
 LDR-19-10   Allow greater proportion of Landscaping Budget to be used off-site and to be used for hardscapes in FBC district  Adopted 2019-11-08        
  LDR-19-09   Modify City Center Open Space locational criteria and options  Adopted 2019-11-08         
 LDR-19-08  Reduce first story minimum window heights and establish privacy standards in FBC T4 District  Adopted 2019-11-08        
 LDR-19-07  Modify landscaping requirements for parking areas with solar canopies citywide  Under review by Planning Commission        
 LDR-19-05   Administrative Amendments: Authorize Administrative Officer to approve minor field changes to site plans & allow for a joint administrative approval & zoning permit; minor technical corrections  Adopted  2019-09-16         
LDR-19-04  Eliminate duplicative surface water protection standards for land within 150’ of Lake Champlain and allowances for expansion of pre-existing structures within 100’ of Potash Brook within Queen City Park Zoning District Adopted  2019-09-16         
LDR-19-03  Establish Citywide River Corridor Overlay District and make minor modifications to the Flood Plain Overlay District 
Adopted  2019-09-16 
 LDR-19-02  Amend transfer of development rights requirements to be consistent with enabling statutes Adopted  2019-09-16        
LDR-19-01  Eliminate minimum parking requirements for all uses citywide except multi-family housing and accessory dwelling units, for which parking requirements are to be reduced Adopted 2019-10-07        

Input on any of all of these amendments is welcome and encouraged. You can provide feedback by attending the hearing or by reaching out to Paul Conner, Director of Planning & Zoning at pconner@sburl.com or at 575 Dorset Street, South Burlington, VT 05403. We're also happy to answer any questions over the phone or in person; our number is (802) 846-4106