Sustainability in South Burlington
South Burlington, for many years, has been making strides towards long term sustainability. That work has taken – and continues to take – many forms. Some have applied the label of sustainability, others have focused on the project or the product itself.
In the summer of 2017, the City Council adopted a Resolution on Climate Change, joining the Vermont Climate Pledge Alliance and pledging to meet or exceed the obligations for the United States in the Paris Agreement. This important Resolution will help to bring together the many ongoing efforts of the community and launch new initiatives to meet these obligations.

The City's Open Space / Conservation Fund
The Voters, in 2000, established an Open Space / Conservation Fund, levying $0.01 on the tax rate for the conservation / acquisition of open spaces. In subsequent years, voters approved widening the scope of the fund to include acquisition of lands for recreation and for maintenance and enhancement of our Nature Parks. Learn more about the Open Space / Conservation Fund, how it has been used, and its current and past financials.

Champlain Valley Conservation Partnership (CVCP)
On July of 2019, five municipal partners came together and committeed to working collaboratively to conserve and manage land at a regional scale.  These partners included: South Burlington, Williston, Shelburne, Hinesburg, and St. George.  The partners began meeting in the spring of 2019 and immediately recognized that natural resources cross municipal boundaries and their conservation and management should be looked at similarly.  The partnership meets monthly, with the first project being to create a standardized set of language that is used to define conservation parcels throughout the region, and then create a map of regionally conserved land that can help the partnership identify opportunities for conservation.  Read the full press release here.  Click on the following link for more information about the CVCP and their current projects.

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