Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the South Burlington Department of Public Works (DPW) responsible for?
The South Burlington DPW is made up of several divisions including: Highway, Parks Maintenance, Mechanics, Wastewater, Stormwater, and Drinking Water. The department manages all aspects of these programs.

How do I contact the South Burlington Department of Public Works (DPW)?
You can visit the DPW office at 104 Landfill Road in South Burlington. You can also email us at, or use the contact form on our website. You can reach us by phone at (802) 658-7961. The South Burlington Water Department is located at 403 Queen City Park Road in South Burlington and can be reached at (802) 864-4361.

 I’d like to report a maintenance issue in a public right of way or in a public park?
Please use our contact form or call us at (802) 658-7961 or to report any issues.

 When is the solid waste/recycling drop-off center open?
The solid waste drop-off center on Landfill Rd is not operated/owned by the City of South Burlington. It is operated by the Chittenden Solid Waste District. See the CSWD South Burlington Drop Off-Site for more details. The drop off center is open from 8:00am to 3:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  It is closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and certain holidays (hours indicated are from the CSWD web site on 3/16/23).

 What utilities / services are not associated with South Burlington DPW?
South Burlington does not own/operate electrical, natural gas, trash, or telecom (telephone and internet) utilities/services. These utilities are privately owned. You will need to contact the private utility company if you have a question on these services.

 Where is my property line? How do I find it?
To find the exact location of your property line, please contact a licensed surveyor. The South Burlington Data Viewer contains a layer displaying digital property line information, but this information is not survey quality and should not be relied upon for making a final determination regarding where a property line is located.

 Where are South Burlington owned utilities located near my property?
For information about the location of water, sewer, or stormwater infrastructure please email ( or call (802) 658-7961 and ask to speak with the Deputy Director of Water Resources. The City of South Burlington does not locate private utilities (e.g. gas, electric, telecom, etc). You may hire a private locating service to locate/mark these utilities.

Does the City have any as-built or record drawings that I can reference?
Any record or as-built drawings are scanned and stored in a Laserfiche database that is available on-line. The easiest way to search for record drawings is to click the "Browse" link at the top of the page, then select "Public Works", then "As-Built Drawings", then "By Street". You can then select the street where you are looking for information. It will list all as-built drawings we have that include that street.

 When is the Winter Parking Ban?
South Burlington’s winter parking ban is in effect from December 1 - April 1. During this timeframe, there is no parking on City-owned streets from midnight to 8am. If you want to know if your street is City-owned, or call (802) 658-7961 to inquire.

I see a problem on a public street, sidewalk, or shared use path. How do I report it?
Please use our contact form or call us at (802) 658-7961 to report any issues you observe.

How does the City address potholes on public streets?
Potholes are an unfortunate fact of life in New England. The South Burlington Highway Department regularly fills potholes with an asphalt hot-mix in the summer and cold patch in the winter (when asphalt plants are closed, and hot-mix isn’t available). Potholes located on a public street will be addressed by the highway department. Potholes in private driveways and parking lots are the responsibility of the private property owner.

What must I do if I need to work or dig in a public right of way owned by South Burlington?
Work in the municipally owned right of way is regulated via State statute (19 V.S.A. § 1111). South Burlington manages this process through its “Permit to Open Streets and Right-of-Way” process. An application is available on the Forms section of the DPW website.  * Don’t forget to call Dig Safe, South Burlington DPW, and the Champlain Water district before digging in a public right of way!

I'd like someone to investigate a concern I have about a traffic or pedestrian issue. How do I report this?
South Burlington has developed a "Traffic Request Evaluation Guidance Manual" and an online form that can be used to request an evaluation regarding concerns of this type. More information is available on the "Submit a Traffic Evaluation Request" portion of the DPW web site.

How do I report a wastewater/sewer problem?
If you are experiencing a sewer issue that involves City owned infrastructure, please call us at (802) 658-7961 during office hours 7:00am-3:30pm. If the issue occurs after hours or on a holiday, please call the South Burlington Police Department dispatcher at (802) 846-4111. They will be able to contact DPW staff person that is “on call”.

What wastewater/sewer infrastructure is City owned and what is privately owned?
The City owns 2 wastewater treatment facilities, 32 pump stations, 18 miles of force main (pressurized pipe for moving wastewater uphill), and 75 miles of sewer main (pipe where wastewater flows downhill via gravity)*.
Private properties own the wastewater infrastructure inside their building and the sewer pipe from where it leaves the building to where it connects to the city owned pipe in the street. Although a portion of this pipe is in the municipal ROW, the private property owner is responsible for this pipe until the point where it connects to the City owned pipe in the street.
*All figures current as of March 2023

How do I obtain a wastewater connection permit or a wastewater allocation?
All wastewater permitting processes are managed through the City’s Department of Planning and Zoning. You can find more information on the Application Forms & Fees page of the Planning and Zoning department’s website.

I have a question about stormwater or runoff?
Check out the South Burlington Stormwater Service Division’s FAQs. You can also email use the Stormwater Contact Form or call (802) 658-7961 and ask to speak with the Stormwater Superintendent. All utility billing (stormwater, wastewater, and drinking water) is managed by staff in the South Burlington Water Department. They can be reached at (802) 864-4361.

I have a question related to drinking water or would like to report a water problem?
Check out the South Burlington Water Department’s FAQs. You can also call the Water Department at (802) 864-4361 or email one of the water department contacts listed on their contact page.