We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. The health and safety of our employees and the public is our top priority. We are implementing measures to help limit exposure and spread. It is important to remember that residents rely on us to continue to function and provide basic services, especially in instances like COVID-19.


As such the following resources are updated daily and contain helpful information for hygiene and preventing the spread of the virus. Additionally, they also are reporting the current status of the spread locally and nationally.

Vermont Department of Health ( 

Center for Disease Control  (


Based on what we know today, we are implementing the following measures:

  1. City facilities are currently open. However, we are encouraging any business that can be conducted via phone, online, or via email or snail mail to be done as such.
  2. Public use of meeting spaces in any City facility is suspended.
  3. With the exception of City Council, Development Review Board, and Planning Commission meetings, all other public meetings have been cancelled. For City Council, DRB and PC meetings, we are encouraging the public to participate remotely and will provide information on our website, as to how to do so.
  4. All meetings that staff would have on-site with vendors, visitors, etc should be transitioned to off-site, online, or via phone. (Public-facing offices will continue to work with the public as they currently do so.)
  5. Recreation programming has been cancelled until further notice. 
  6. Library hours have been shortened to Mon-Thurs 11- 6, Fri & Sat 11-5, and Sundays, closed.

Our team of Public Safety managers are meeting daily to assess the current situation and using current information to make decisions that effect employees and the public. Please be aware that changes may be made at any time.

We will continue to update our website and social media, as quickly as possible when changes warrant. If you have any questions, please reach out to the City Manager's Office at 802-846-4107.