Penny for Paths-Close the Gaps

On August 14th, South Burlington residents will have an opportunity to vote for needed funds to fill the gaps in our 24-mile multi-use path, crosswalks, and intersections. On May 7th the City Council voted unanimously to place a “Penny for Paths – Close the Gaps” initiative on the August 14 ballot.  South Burlington's multi-use path, a work in progress begun in 1990, is designed to connect neighborhoods, schools, parks and commercial areas to each other and to the paths of our neighboring communities. However the current path has significant gaps, the closing of which will improve safety and functionality by connecting us with where we want to go by foot, bike, roller blades or skateboard! 

Pennies for Paths - Close the Gaps – contains 2 ballot items. Item 1- Will assess one penny for every $100 of valuation on a property owner's tax bill.  Cost to the average SB family home will be approximately  $33.61 per year, and the cost to the average condominium owner, $24.11 per year. This will expire after 10 years. Item 2 - If the first item passes, will allow the City to use part of the revenues raised by item 1 to fund bond(s) to allow work to be begin sooner.