City Paving Schedule

The City's Department of Public Works is currently running a $1.2 million paving program. Projects will be completed throughout the City, as scheduled.
There are three types of maintenance work that will be completed:
  • REPAVE:  A 1-2 inch layer of asphalt is laid on top of the existing road top. 
  • RECYCLE: The top couple of inches of material are removed from the road, then ground up and mixed with a base. This is then reused. Typically, this process is used when there is not enough height to accept another layer of asphalt.
  • MILL & FILL: The top layer of asphalt is ground down 1-2 inches and removed. Then, a new layer of asphalt is laid down. Any material that is not used on the road is then reused as close to the project site as possible.
Week of                  Street(s)                                        Maintenance Type
Sept 17                   Tanglewood Drive                          MILL PREP
Sept 24                   Tanglewood Drive                          PAVE
                                Joy Drive, Swift St Ext,
                                Bike Path, Birch Court, 
                                Nowland Farm Rd, Pinnacle Dr,
Oct 1                       Kimball Ave                                    MILL
                                Simpson Ct, Woodland Pl,             PAVE
                                Butler Dr, Myers Ct, Clover St,
                                Dorset St
Oct 8                       Brewer Parkway                              RECLAIM
                                Spear St, Kimball Ave,                    PAVE
                                Patchen Rd
Oct 15                     Country Club Dr East,                     RECLAIM
                                Airport Parkway, Spear St              PAVE