Project Good Morning

Project Good Morning 

What is Project Good Morning?
Project Good Morning is a program designed to assist Senior and disabled citizens with an independent lifestyle.  To receive services, you must live alone or if with another person, that person cannot be able to render you assistance in an emergency. The program allows for residents to make daily contact with the Police Department to ensure that they are ok, and further allow for independence at home.  It also provides the participant and their families peace of mind knowing that there will be personal contact every day with someone.
The History
Project Good Morning was originally by the Wolfeboro New Hampshire Police Department after three senior citizens, who lived alone, died in their residences over a two-month period. Wolfeboro Police decided to have their senior citizens, who lived alone, check into the police department every morning. If a participant did not call in, a phone call to the residence was made. If there was no answer, an officer was dispatched to check on the participant to make sure that they were okay.

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Do you know of someone in need of this program?  For information around eligibility or to sign up for Project Good Morning, call (802) 846-4159 and speak with a dispatcher.

Application for Project Good Morning

Requirements for Participation
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