Tennis Nets Are Up and Courts Are Ready for Play!

The warm temperatures have finally melted all the snow in the corners of our courts, and we are thrilled to announce that all nets are up, and courts are ready for play!  The winter took a tool on one of our net cranks, so we have ordered a replacement; the reason the nets are a bit low at Szymanski.  Have no fear, the replacement will soon be on its way, and we should be cranking back up to a competition approved 36” net in no time.  In the meantime, enjoy some casual play and opportunities to recreate.  Please note due to our limited inventory, tennis/pickleball courts can’t be reserved and should be used on a kindly first come first serve basis except for the courts at the HS which are reserved afterschool in the spring season for the HS tennis team practice and on the weekends for matches.  Also note that some of our courts are in neighborhoods, so if you are accessing them by roadway, please take care and drive with caution. Enjoy!