South Burlington School District Art Exhibition

South Burlington School District Art Exhibition 
June 1 – July 31, 2023
South Burlington Public Art Gallery at 180 Market Street

The South Burlington Public Art Gallery is pleased to exhibit artwork by students from the South Burlington School District (SBSD), which has been curated by their art teachers.

A sampling of student work, from each of the schools, has been selected to showcase the knowledge, skills, and creativity of the student artists at various levels of development. The selections demonstrate some of the best efforts of students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Choosing only a few pieces was difficult; many of the students throughout the district created pieces worthy of exhibition. SBSD students have made many fabulous pieces in a wide range of media while exploring imagination, observation, and abstraction. Students have been inspired by master artists, various cultures, nature, experiences, and passions.

The Gallery is accessible during building open hours: Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.–7 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m.–3 p.m. (Closed Sunday)
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