South Burlington Expands Neighborhood Development Area (NDA)

October 10, 2023

South Burlington Expands Neighborhood Development Area (NDA)

South Burlington recently expanded the size of its Neighborhood Development Area (NDA), which will make permitting and construction easier in our steadily growing downtown. The NDA program is designed to incentivize development in our core areas and to allow existing neighborhoods to thrive with new development and infrastructure. Many development projects require both local and state permitting and fees, and the NDA program is designed to streamline these processes. Once a city has demonstrated it has sufficient local regulations, the NDA program lifts certain state regulations and helps to direct new resources towards this area.

The expanded NDA now includes dozens of parcels with frontage along the north side of Williston Road, as well as both sides of Patchen Road near its intersection with White Street and Williston Road. Properties located in the NDA can receive several benefits, including:

  • Priority for certain state grants for both public and private projects
  • Tax benefits, including exemption from land gains tax
  • Act 250 exemption for certain development projects
  • Reduced state wastewater fees
  • Potential for tax credits

Staff from South Burlington’s Planning and Zoning Office worked with Vermont’s Department of Commerce and Community Development to expand the city’s NDA. Those with questions about the program are encouraged to visit DHCD’s website on state-designated areas or to reach out to city planning staff at South Burlington’s Planning & Zoning Office.
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