Equity in Planning Outreach: Request for Proposals

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Request for Proposals (RFP) for Professional Services
Equity in Planning Outreach Toolkit

The City of South Burlington is seeking the services of a qualified professional or firm(s) to develop a framework for future public outreach for city planning projects

The City of South Burlington is seeking to improve and broaden its public engagement in planning projects. Our goal is to develop a scalable toolkit for public engagement that helps us identify how to deploy the resources and funding available for each project’s outreach to best reach and provide real opportunity for our diverse community to participate and shape future policy in City.

We seek consulting assistance in developing a toolkit or framework for our public engagement in planning projects. In developing this toolkit, the selected consultant will be responsible for outreach on the Equity Toolkit project itself.

For full details, please download this REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES

Proposals must be formatted to be easily printable on standard 8.5” x 11” pages. Respondents should submit one (1) PDF of the proposal by December 20, 2023 to:

Kelsey Peterson, Senior City Planner

City of South Burlington
180 Market Street
South Burlington, VT 05408