MSK Engineers to Complete an Inventory of Water Service Lines

MSK Engineers to Complete an Inventory of Water Service Lines

The South Burlington Water Department (SBWD) has contracted with MSK Engineers to complete an inventory of water service lines in the City. This is in response to federal drinking water regulations passed by the US EPA in 2021. The new regulation requires all water systems in the country to develop an inventory of service line pipe materials for every service line in the water system.

MSK will be sending out a letter to those water customers in the City that the SBWD does not have accurate service line material information for, requesting:

1) the customer take a picture of the water service line where it enters the building and send it to MSK using instructions in the letter.

2) the customer schedule an appointment with MSK to complete the service line observation, which takes about 10 minutes.

3) that customers be on the lookout for MSK Engineers going door-to-door. MSK Engineers will be wearing MSK branded safety vests and carrying MSK identification credentials.

NOT everyone in the city will be receiving the letter since the SBWD had approximately 4,000 customer service line information records on file, or construction was after 1979 when the city had requirements for certain line materials.

The purpose of the new regulations is to identify water pipes that may contain lead so they can be replaced.

If you have any questions about the Lead Service Line Program in the City, you can reach out to Jay Nadeau, Water Superintendent at (802) 861-4817 or

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January 19, 2024