Exploring Electric Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation - Workshop

Exploring Electric Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation
What's it like to switch to an electric car? For Vermonters, the idea of changes to what we drive holds both great interest as well as anticipation of the unknown. EVs offer many benefits over gas or diesel and have been proposed as one of the solutions for reducing carbon emissions. But what’s it actually like to own, drive, and charge an EV in Vermont? This hands-on workshop will shed some light on the topic and answer your questions. EV owners will be present to share their experiences, and experts from Vermont Energy Education Program and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation’s Drive Electric program will be available to discuss our state’s sustainable transportation future.

Join us Tuesday, February 20th at 6:30 p.m. at the Allard Square Community Room for a presentation and discussion of all things EV. If you are considering an EV or are still weighing if this is the right choice for your next vehicle, this night promises to enlighten.

Allard Square is located at 146 Market Street, South Burlington, immediately to the left of the South Burlington City Hall complex. Parking for cars and bikes is available both on Market Street and adjacent to City Hall. GMT routes 1 and 11 have stops within 2 blocks of Allard Square.
Electric Vehicle Charging
February 9, 2024