South Burlington Police Department Unveils New Dispatch Center

South Burlington Police Department Unveils New Dispatch Center

Latest Technology Brings Public Safety Improvements and Efficiencies

SOUTH BURLINGTON – The South Burlington Police Department is proud to unveil a new state-of-the-art dispatch center. The center has grown from two workstations to four fully functional dispatch workstations and incorporates the latest technology—ergonomic adjustable desks, Fire computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software, new computer hardware, and integration with the video technology operating within police headquarters and City Hall.

This investment in dispatch infrastructure allows for growth well into the future. Our immediate goal is to add an eighth full-time dispatcher, which will allow South Burlington Police Department to staff the center with two dispatchers at all times.

About the Project

The City of South Burlington was highly invested in a regional dispatch model, seeing the efficiencies and potential improvements to public safety service delivery across the county. Unfortunately, during the FY 24 budget preparation process, Colchester had to step away from the regional dispatch project, which stalled its development.

At that time, most of the infrastructure in the South Burlington Dispatch Center was at the end of its serviceable life. In addition, South Burlington’s career fire department had grown over the past decade or so—both in size and call volume—driven in large part by fire-based EMS. The fire department was in need of CAD technology and additional human resource time to manage the emergency dispatch side of their increased call volume.

The City used ARPA funds and budget surplus dollars in FY 24 to invest in new technology and additional capacity in our dispatch center. We were also able to use some grant-funded equipment that had been previously awarded to the regional dispatch project to save our taxpayers a considerable amount of money.

Our radio vendor used this opportunity to update our radio communications to the latest technology. All radio communications now travel over microwave and IP, which provides security, seamless operation over our existing microwave system, and full integration with our public safety mutual aid partners.

Our dispatch center is now ready for potential regional or contract dispatch services as the future of public safety dispatching evolves in Chittenden County.

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March 15, 2024