Vermont Works for Women Intern

Vermont Works for Women: Intern Learns with South Burlington Water Quality Department

The City of South Burlington Water Quality Department hosted Christina Giroux, an intern from the Vermont Works for Women, Trailblazers and Gender Equity Program. Since 1987, Vermont Works for Women has supported women and girls to recognize their potential and explore, pursue, and excel in work that leads to economic well-being. Christina received an overview of the many aspects of Wastewater Management in the City of South Burlington while onsite for the week of April 14th, 2024.

The two South Burlington wastewater facilities—Airport Parkway and Bartlett Bay—are “state of the art.” The Airport Parkway Wastewater Treatment Plant produces electricity and discharges water cleaned to a level above every parameter in the passing Winooski River, including background phosphorus levels. The facility hosts tours by local groups, schools, and the University of Vermont, as well as multiple capstone projects by graduating UVM engineers and biologists. In 2020, the UVM Engineering Department’s process changes won them second place at the National Design finals. The Bartlett Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant is currently in design for a twenty-year upgrade that will bring “cutting edge” technology to the facility.
Jennifer Garrison and Christina Giroux - Copy Monica Brager and Christina Giroux - Copy
Will Sheffer and Group
April 24, 2024