Wheeler Dog Park to Become a Reality in 2021 Construction Season

We know that dog guardians have been anxiously awaiting a new dog park.  Both volunteer committee members and staff have been busy trying to make that a reality and it is nearly here!  Like so much in our world, the process has been impacted by COVID, which has caused delays. With the sighting and design work already complete, the project has entered the final permitting phases with installation to follow this coming construction season.  Thank you for your patience. We are excited to see this well planned project come to fruition, as we know you are too. 


Special thanks to our diligent citizen volunteers on the Dog Park Committee, who have worked tirelessly to get us to this point.  Their hard work in the creation of a sight evaluation matrix, land evaluations, development of Dog Park standards and continued advocacy has been the driver to this success.  We look forward to formally recognizing their efforts when we officially open the Wheeler Dog Park this coming construction season.