VT Utility Assistance Application goes Live June 2nd

VT Utility Assistance Application goes Live June 2nd

The Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program – Utility assistance application will go live on June 2nd.  You will find a link on the Department’s Home Page | Department of Public Service (vermont.gov) just under the sunflowers that will take you to a redirect to the program’s application launch once testing is completed on Wednesday morning.  Tomorrow’s launch is soft.  We have not yet started promoting the page but will begin to do so tomorrow and encourage you to do the same.

Essentially, the application for utility assistance is an additional section of the same overall application for which tenants apply for rental assistance.  The Department is working closely with the Vermont State Housing Authority to ensure that applicants have a single portal and easy access to the application.  Towards that end, the Department is using the same web platform, web design, marketing and advertising firms and call center as the VSHA. Please feel free to contact CAPI if you need assistance, however the call center will be a great resource for your customers and for questions about the vendor portal after it launches.  More information can be found here:  Home Page - Department of Public Service (vtutilityhelp.com)

The program sets a single cap of $10,000 on any household’s aggregated utility benefits for the program’s duration.  There are no sub limits by sector.

The vendor portal is expected to be ready within a few days.  We plan to invite you to attend training next week to learn more about how you as a utility vendor can participate in the program.   

Many of you have also expressed interest in learning more about the Department’s planning for the anticipated funding for utility assistance in the FY22 budget.  Please know that we are thoughtfully engaged and poised to act when/if those funds become available to the Department.

Learn more  HERE  City of South Burlington's Water Department.