UPDATE:  Indoor Recreation Center

UPDATE:  Indoor Recreation Center

Since COVID-19, the planned indoor recreation project has been in a holding pattern at the schematic design level.  To begin the process to move the project forward, City staff provided a memo to the City Council at their regular Council meeting August 17, with a timeline and process to have the option to place the project on a March 2022 ballot. 

During a lengthy discussion, the Council explored investigating costs involved in building a public pool in conjunction with the project, building the project on an undetermined vacant commercial lot, the magnitude of and the timing of the project.  Project costs, other priorities and importance of climate change were discussed.  At Council’s direction, staff will be returning with additional options. 

Council passed a motion (4-1) to assess the feasibility of a pool for a possible future vote.  At this point, it is not anticipated that any bond vote will go to the community in March 2022.