Tennis and Pickleball Improvements on the way for Szymanski!

As the snow melts and sun begins to shine, it will soon be time for our outdoor net sports to start once more.  In South Burlington, there are currently two tennis facilities; The South Burlington High School  and Szymanski Park.   While nets are up at both facilities for the moment, it is likely that the nets at Szymanski will be taken down in the next month or so as we prepare for a major, long overdue, overhaul of this site. This park improvement project will include the following:


All the court surfaces at Szymanski Park will be refreshed this summer.  The refurbishment will include:

  • Basketball Court – New pavement, new surface, fresh lines and new hoops
  • Tennis Court – The left hand court (closest to the parking lot) will have fresh pavement, new surface, fresh lines, new posts and new nets.
  • Pickle Ball Courts – What was the right hand tennis court (closest to the bike path) will now be turned into four pickle ball courts; each with their own lines and sized appropriate nets.  Additionally, there will be netting between the tennis court and the pickle ball courts.


We look forward to these much needed improvements and appreciate your patience through the construction season.  We will be posting signage at the Szymanski courts to indicate construction time lines as we have them.  In the meantime, please feel free to use the courts. 


Playing after work?  Lights come on automatically at Szymanski from 7:00pm-10:00pm.  If you are playing at the High School, the lights can be turned on by pressing the black button on the electrical box at  the court entry way. Enjoy!