You are invited!  East-West Crossing Design Workshop | August 31

You are invited!  East-West Crossing Design Workshop | August 31

Join the design team on August 31 at 6:30 PM at City Hall, 180 Market Street (open house at 5:30 PM) to learn about and discuss the design options.  Three alternative designs will be show enabling people to walk and bike across I-89 at Exit 14.  The three different East-West Crossing bridge concepts include connections to Williston Road, Quarry Hill and the University Mall.   This project will create transportation options, support access to regional jobs and services and support economic development.  The city received a 9.76-million-dollar Federal RAISE grant.  The bulk of the rest of the project costs are eligible for Tax Increment Financing.  The project is scheduled to be built in 2025.  For more information and links see: