Wondering about the TIF BOND VOTE? 

Wondering about the TIF BOND VOTE? 

What does TIF stand for?  Where is City Center Park?  What is the total cost of the projects?  These questions and more are answered on two pages:

If you have more questions and they are not answered, send them to the City and we will add them to the TIF Bond Vote FAQ.

Deep Dive into the TIF BOND Vote

The City has posted the Public Information Notice for the upcoming TIF Bond Vote.  This bond would provide funding for four projects in City Center. 

If you would like to become an expert on this ballot question, read this document!   Learn about the mechanics of TIF Districts, important dates related to the City’s district, the budgets for each of the four projects, and which costs may be paid for with TIF funds.  The Notice also has information about the development that is expected to occur because of these public investments, and what the projected outcomes are for the TIF District, the City and the State of Vermont. 
TIF Bond Vote